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Bob Carver Tube Amplifier Products Related Videos.

Bob Carver answering a few question from on-line June 14 2023.

Customers video speaking of his change from a well known solid state to a well known tube amplifier and then found happiness with the Bob Carver 275.

Comments about the previous amplifier on the stand (now sold) are worth considering. Pre-owned Bob Carver tube amps are uncommon, for good reason.

350 Set-up Video

Black Magic 25, 275 and Crimson 275 Set-up video 

An interview with Bob and Peggy 2022.

The 180 mono-blocks in the reviews were updated every few years resulting in the 305s and then up to the 350s that are available today as the Black Magic 350s. The amplifier design is the same other than some updates and improvements along the way.

A professional review in a very high end system using MLB loudspeakers and compared to a very expensive, heavy, well known power amplifier. 

Customers video found on-line. Customer talks about his experience compared to other well known amplifiers he owns using difficult to drive Magico speakers

A customers video found on-line

To view more Bob Carver videos, just click on the YouTube symbol at the top of the page.

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