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  • CAD designed and CNC machined aluminum chassis.

  • Durable lustrous black and copper anodized finish.

  • 8 and 4 ohm switched feedback point for perfect response with 4 or 8 ohm speakers.

    • The feedback point can be selected, based on speaker impedance used. This provides for an equally high performance, whichever outputs are being used.

    • DC Restorer dynamic bias supply

    • 'Listening to the room' back EMF feedback loop.

  • Buffered RCA outputs for subwoofer

    • Includes full range buffered subwoofer outputs to pass audio to your subwoofer amp, without additional output loading of your preamp.

  • Multi-function meter

    • Bias setting 

    • VU Meter

  • Computer simulated and tested Bob Carver design.

  • Extremely low noise tube amplifier design.

  • Vishay/Dale ultra low noise, precision 1% CMF-55 resistors used throughout.

  • Rear Panel

    • Power Switch

    • IEC AC Input Socket

    • Line Fuse

    • Tube Fuse

    • 5-way Viborg rhodium plated speaker binding post 

    • Gold-plated RCA Inputs

    • 8ohm/4ohm feedback switch

    • RCA outputs to subwoofer



Rated Power:

KT-120 tubes as supplied:

Stereo: 85 watts continuous. Both channels driven 20Hz to 20Khz.+-1 db.. 1Khz total harmonic distortion less than 0.5% at 85w. 0.1% at 1w.

Power at clipping: 105 watts per channel continuous both channels driven. Less than 1% THD+N

Frequency Response:

20 Hz to 20Khz (+- 1 db) at full rated power (85w).
11 Hz to 35Khz (1w)

Signal to noise ratio: 100

Line Inputs/outputs:

2 RCA inputs, 2 RCA subwoofer outputs.
Source Impedance

1.7 ohms

Input Impedance:
100 K ohms (RCA)
30 dB (8 ohms)
Tube Complement:
One 12AX7, two 12AT7,
 two 6AL5 (DC Restorer)
four KT-120 included.
Top panel potentiometer
front panel meter
Output Transformer:
Interleaved windings, high bandwidth, low leakage. 
Matte Black with chrome and copper anodize.

Dimensions (H x W x D)

10 x 17 x 12

Weight: 56 lbs.

Shipping weight: 61 lbs.

Designed in USA by Robert W.(Bob) Carver.

Assembled at a world class, ISO (International Standards Organization) certified, highly automated facility in Shenzhen using only our certified, traceable vendors of parts. Transformers are made in Canada. Parts are globally sourced. USA, UK, Japan, Canada, China.

Fully inspected, tested and serviced by Bob Carver Company in USA..


Specifications subject to change
without notice.

Bob Carver Reference Amplifier Model 285 (RAM 285)
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