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Bob Carver Tube amplifier Reviews

Robert E Greene’s The Absolute Sound review of the Amazing Line Source: Visit

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“The Bob Carver Black Beauty 305s are at once beautiful and realistic, and I’ve fallen in love with them. While they may not have much in common with the Phase 400 sonically, they do share one thing with that great amp from the early 70s: They are incredibly good deals. A three-hundred-watt tube amp with this pedigree, build- quality (every component is hand-wired, star-grounded, with no circuit board traces or un-pluggable parts), and medley of sonic virtues is a rarity. Which earns the Carver Black Beauty 305s not just my heartfelt recommendation (particularly if you are an "as you like it" or beauty-loving "absolute sound" type of listener) but also one of my upcoming nominations for Amplifier of the Year."

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound


"The Cherry 180 represents, in my book, one of the most exciting high-end product launches in recent memory. In fact, let me go even further: its high-power performance catapults it to an exceptional category - one of the most significant tube amplifiers of the past 60 years!"

Dick Olsher,


 “Award Winning Performance”

“I am very excited about the VTA180M amplifiers. Designed by a legend, they offer a no-nonsense approach, with money spent in the right places. We could talk in circles about parts and topology choices, sure. But in the end, these amplifiers do everything well, volunteering a sensory experience that normally commands a higher price.

“Indeed, this is a tube lover’s pair of amplifiers. They provide more than enough power to drive all but the most inefficient speakers, and boast an extraordinary level of refinement. The ability to drive low-impedance loads, as well as the option to change feedback and alter the amps’ character to suit personal tastes, are bonuses.

“If there’s a better pair of 200-watt-per-channel tube amplifiers out there for this kind of money, I haven’t heard them yet. The Carver VTA180M monobocks richly deserve an Exceptional Value Award for 2012.”

TONE Audio

Only a select group of people have ever heard the new Silver Seven 700.  Be one of the first to own one! Here are some comments about its predecessor, the original Carver Silver Seven:


“Probably the most realistic and best amps I have heard, the Silver Sevens surely are a contender for the title of world’s best amplifier.”

Bascom H. King, Audio Magazine


"Even before the 'Seven had driven the mercury up a degree or three, I was finding my face locked in a grin/rictus. The Silver Seven … proved itself to be superior to any amplifier in my arsenal."

Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News & Record Review,


Full review of The Silver Seven in Home Theater Review.

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