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Reference Amplifier Model 285

  • 85 watts / channel 20HZ to 20KHz minus 1 dB

  • Four matched KT-120 power tubes

  • One 12AX7, two 12AT7 and 2 6AL5(DC Restorer) tubes.

  • Five-year warranty

  • Gold-plated Viborg Binding post and RCA inputs

  • Dual purpose output
    and Bias Adjustment meter

  • Optimized output transformers. Interleaved windings, wide bandwidth

  • Matte black finish

  • DC Restorer - prevents voltage sag under dynamic loads. 

  • Special separate voltage and current feedback design provides back EMF 'listening to the room' consistency of soundstage scale. 

  • Selectable feedback for 8 and 4 ohm load.

  • Buffered RCA subwoofer output jacks on rear panel.


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The Reference Amplifier Model RAM 285 is the latest and greatest design from world famous audio designer and physicist Bob Carver. The RAM 285 is designed and built to compare favorably with amplifiers costing more than 3x its price. We believe it is the best in it's class and would love for you to hear it for yourself. The RAM 285 has Bob's latest DC Restorer circuit, a type of analog tracking bias design, using fast acting vacuum tubes for an improved response. While most amplifiers would experience DC voltage sag under highly dynamic loads, the DC Restorer is there to keep the voltage (electromotive force) stable and the performance dynamic and robust as intended.  High voltage, high current power supplies - Bob's use of high voltage power supply designs, combined with the DC Restorer have enabled our previous, lighter weight (lighter transformer) amplifier designs to compete quite favorably to other heavier, more expensive designs. So what's different about the RAM 285, why should I try it? Highest Fidelity - Bob maintained the high voltage (electromotive force) he loves (685V B+ compared to 400-500 in most tube amps) combined in a high current heavy design.  The DC Restorer uses faster reacting 6AL5 vacuum tubes. The RAM 285 is powered by an oversize 350VA power transformer. Audio output transformers are 15% oversize at full power, while exceeding full audio bandwidth. High end, high temp, aerospace grade, computer designed and tested, heavy copper, multi-layer circuit board with internal copper ground planes for lower noise than point to point wiring.  Power test at 1Kz produce 129w @ .25% THD+N. 85 WPC 18 Hz to 20 KHz minus 1 dB at less than less than .5% THD+N. CNC machined aluminum chassis construction.  Low noise Dale resistors used throughout. Each unit comes with a serialized copy of the inspection report. Fully analog discrete design, using all thru hole components and no chips. Designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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