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Reference Amplifier Model 285 Logo
Bob Carver Reference Amplifier Model 285; RAM 285; Vacuum Tube Amplifier

The RAM 285 is redefining the class - at any price. The RAM 285 is a simultaneously high voltage and high current design. Driving difficult loads are it's specialty, however the SNR of greater than 100 makes the RAM 285 perfect for the lowest noise floor and blackest background when using sensitive  loudspeakers.

Use the Carver Amplifier Challenge to compare the RAM285 to others in the class at any price in your system. 56lbs. $4995

Reference Amplifier Model 285

Carver Vacuum tube amplifier; Black Magic 25 Tube amplifier
Carver Vacuum tube amplifier Logo

Bob's high performance, high voltage, high headroom design, optimized for the musicians most popular  EL-34 vacuum tubes.

A power supply capable of 3x the modest power rating and an increase in tube plate voltage by 50% over average (685 vs 450), combined with a DC Restorer to prevent bias sag under dynamic loads, provides a dynamic and musical experience that must be heard to be appreciated.  

Whether searching for your first tube amp or your last, the musicality of the Black Magic 25 is ready to please. Made in USA $1995.

25-Watt Reference Tube Amplifier

Carver Vacuum tube amplifer 275 watts Logo
Carver Vacuum tube amplifier

The Black Magic 275 uses the mighty and musical KT120 vacuum tubes. Combined with Bob's 685 volt power supply and the DC Restorer to prevent voltage sag under dynamic loads, this 19 lb. amps musical performance driving your speakers is likely to amaze you. Made in USA. $2295

The Black Magic 350 (formerly known as the Crimson 350/Raven 350) is the successor to Bob’s previous, well-received Cherry 180 and  Crimson 305 amplifiers Enjoy indefatigable power with unique controls, and  estimated 45-year tube life.

10 year warranty. 5-year tube warranty!

Carver 350 Logo
Carver Vacuum tube 350 amplifier
Bob Carver Vacuum tube preamplifier
Carver vacuum tube preamplifier Logo

Vacuum Tube Reference Preamplifier

Yes, those are twelve 12AX tubes on the top of a preamplifier. And that's a multi-function color display, a first for any Bob Carver product. And it comes with a remote! And it sounds sooooo good.

Bob has gone to elaborate lengths to elevate this new design above other preamplifiers in its price range. We think he has succeeded.

Coming Soon!

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