The Black Magic 350 (formerly know as the Crimson 350/Raven 350) is the successor to Bob’s previous, well-received 305 amplifier.  Enjoy indefatigable power with unique controls, and 45-year tube life in your choice of finishes.

10-year tube Warranty!


The Black Magic 25 is unique in having two feedback loops — one conventional, but the other is designed to interact with the loudspeaker which is listening to your room at all times (all loudspeakers are microphones). We use this low-level information to enhance the size of the soundstage and provide more realistic depth because this information is otherwise hidden or masked by high-level signal. 


Reference Preamplifier

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Bob has constantly refined his definitive 700-watt Silver Seven design until it has evolved into the most elegant, money-is-no-object 900 watts of tube amplification on the planet. Lifetime tube warranty.

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