Now you can get the Bob Carver sound for just $2,750. A modest rating of 75 watts/ch. belies a power supply design that delivers considerably more power at 4-ohm on music and speech (and has 2-ohm capability!). 110dB S/N beats most solid state designs. And of course Crimson 275 has Bob's DC Restorer, “Listen to the Room” feature and 5-year tube warranty!


The Crimson 350/Raven 350 is the successor to Bob’s previous, well-received 305 amplifier.  Enjoy indefatigable power with unique controls, and 45-year tube life in your choice of finishes.

10-year tube Warranty!

Bob has constantly refined his definitive 700-watt Silver Seven design until it has evolved into the most elegant, money-is-no-object 900 watts of tube amplification on the planet. Lifetime tube warranty.

In a world of me-too, box speakers, Bob Carver's true line source design breaks a lot of rules…and achieves a majesty of realism that
you must hear to believe.