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Bob Carver Corporation takes pride in every piece of gear we ship. However, if there is a mistake, please call us immediately, and we will make it right. If a product does not seem to be functioning correctly, please call us and we will do our best to help walk you through the problem.

If you are located in the USA and need to have your unit repaired, you will get the fastest response by calling us at (815) 985-3557.  We will provide you with return instructions and shipping information. This will enable us to correctly identify your unit and ensure timely repair and return. Please ship only the unit that needs repair, and pack it in the original box and packing material if possible. You are responsible for shipping your unit to our facility and for insuring the shipment.

Please make sure to write your contact information on a note inside the package.

We will return the unit back to you prepaid, if in warranty. If not, you'll be billed for freight.

Please note that you may void your Limited Warranty if you, or someone other than Bob Carver Corporation attempts to repair your Bob Carver Corporation product.

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Sunfire®, original Carver and
Phase Linear products…


Bob and his staff regret not being able to render service or support on these products. But we are happy to help put you in contact with a Service Centers that still repair Phase Linear, original Carver and Sunfire products. 


Click here to contact a Phase Linear,
Carver and Sunfire Product Service Center.

Sunfire, a division of Core Brands, LLC., may also be contacted through their web site at


For Legacy Products, See                          Below


Due to the Nature of Our Propitiatory Circuit Design,

The Bob Corporation 

Authorizes NO Outside Service Facilities

For our Authorized Legacy Brands, We have Two--One Each, East and West of the Mississippi River, Click on the Link Below.

Other Facilities Claiming to be Authorized May Not be;

Check First!