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Black Magic 350 Monoblock Tube Power Amplifiers


  • 350 watts into 8 ohms

  • Under 1-ohm capability

  • Tubes

    • 12AX7 x 1

    • 12AT7 x 1

    • 6AL5 x 1 (part of DC Restorer circuit)

    • Tung-Sol KT120 x 6

  • Output Transformer

    • Proprietary design with hand-wound, interleaved windings of copper and silver on a steel core; low leakage inductance, super wide band

  • Controls

    • Volume Control

    • 2-position Feedback Switch

  • Four-function meter

    • Bias setting (in conjunction with rear panel control)

    • Tube Tester (tests at actual voltage and current conditions)

    • Tube Matcher (cool, but not really necessary)

    • VU Meter

  • Rear Panel

    • Power Switch

    • IEC AC Input Socket

    • Line Fuse

    • Tube Fuse

    • Recessed Tube Bias Control

    • 5-way binding post outputs

    • Common, 2, 4, and 8-ohm speaker load

    • XLR Input and gold-plated RCA Input

  • Satin Black

  • Convection cooling



Rated Power:
350 watts/8 ohms nominal loudspeaker load

400 watts/4 ohms nominal loudspeaker load

400 watts/2 ohms nominal loudspeaker load
Frequency Response:
2 Hz to 85 kHz (–3 dB)
Less than 0.5%
Power Bandwidth:
24 Hz to 28 kHz without filters
Line Inputs:
2; XLR and RCA
Input Impedance:
100 K ohms (RCA)
30 dB (8 ohms)
Tube Complement:
One 12AX7, one 12AT7,
one 6AL5, six KT120,
(KT150 not recommended)
Hum and Noise:
Better than 120 dB,
referred to 350 watts,
Rear panel potentiometer adjust,
front panel meter
Feedback Control:
20 dB, Classic; 11 dB, Contemporary
Output Transformer:
Interleaved windings, super wideband, low leakage inductance, proprietary design
Source Impedance:
1.7 ohms
Speaker Outputs:
2, 4, and 8 ohms
Satin Black
Dimensions (H x W x D)

7.2” (183mm) X 12” (305mm)
x 14” (355,6mm) x 2


44lbs (19.95 kg) per chassis x 2

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Available in Black Only
Available in Black Only
Available in Black Only
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