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Carver 275 watts Vacuum tube amplifier


  • Optimized for the KT120. 75 Watts Per Channel into typical 4/8 ohms 1Kz with no more than 1% Total Harmonic Distortion.
    Distortion decreases at lower levels

  • Tubes

    • 12AX7 x 1

    • 12AT7 x 2

    •  KT120 x 4. (6550, KT88 can be used). 

  • Output Transformer

    •  Carver designed interleaved windings, low leakage, wide bandwidth. P/N EM0946 produced by EDCOR

  • DC Restorer Circuit

    • Responds by tracking bias and preventing bias current sag under dynamic loads.

  • Multi-function meter

    • Bias setting (in conjunction with rear panel control)

    • Tube Tester (tests at actual voltage and current conditions)

    • VU Meter

  • Back EMF room sensing feedback  circuit

    • Provides for improved soundstage, being less effected by less than perfect room shapes and sizes.​

  • Rear Panel

    • Power Switch

    • IEC AC Input Socket

    • Line Fuse

    • Tube Fuse

    • Recessed Tube Bias Control

    • 5-way binding post outputs

    • Gold-plated RCA Inputs

  • Matte Black, chrome, gold finish

  • Convection cooling



Rated Power:

KT120 tubes as supplied:

Stereo: 75 wpc @1 KHz 4/8 ohms.

Frequency Response:
20 Hz to 20 kHz -3dB @ 8 ohms nominal 1w

Less than 1.0% 1KHz 5w

Line Inputs:

Source Impedance

1.7 ohms

Input Impedance:
100 K ohms (RCA)
30 dB (8 ohms)
Tube Complement:
One 12AX7, two 12AT7,
four KT120s. (6550 and KT88) can be used.

Rear panel potentiometer
front panel meter
Output Transformer: 
Optimized design, interleaved windings, wide bandwidth., low leakage.

Matte Black with natural
aluminum and bright chrome
Dimensions (H x W x D)

7x 14x 10


19 lbs (8.61 kg) 


Made in USA.

Specifications subject to change
without notice.

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Carver 275 watts Vacuum tube amplifier
Carver 275 watts Vacuum tube amplifier
Carver 275 watts Vacuum tube amplifier
Carver 275 watts Vacuum tube amplifier
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