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Output: more than 24 Watts/ Ch, both channels driven at eight ohms with no more than 1% Total Harmonic Distortion.

Coming Soon !
Coming Soon !

Vacuum Tube Reference Preamplifier

It's been quite a while since Bob designed a preamplifier -- and a tube model is unprecedented!

For years Bob has nursed a concept for pure, straight wire preamp that would do justice to his power amplifiers.

All we can show you right now are renderings but be assured the real thing is in production!

  • 25 watts / chan. FTC power rating

  • Four matched EL-34 power tubes

  • One 12AX7, two 12AT7

  • Five-year tube warranty

  • Gold plated power outs and RCA inputs

  • Dual purpose output
    and Bias Adjustment meter

  • Proprietary transformer design with bifilar winding and nickel center

  • Matte black finish

  • Weight: 19 lbs / 8.26 kg

A Black Magic 25 will invigorate your music with extended dynamic range that can ignite explosive excitement. Yet it can also paint subtle shades of naturally warm, timbral color that is completely free from audible "tube glare". This is a very special implementation of 25 watts. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and your Black Magic 25 doesn't depreciate in value. Click 'Buy Carver Direct' for details.


25 watts per channel Stereo Reference
Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier

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