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The Reference Amplifier Model RAM 285 is the newest and greatest design from world famous audio designer and physicist Bob Carver. The RAM 285 is conservatively rated at 2 x 85 watts per channel.

The RAM 285 design criteria - Could Bob Carver leverage the design features that enable his lighter weight designs to compare favorably with heavyweight more costly products, to create a new heavy weight design that is musically exceptional when compared to the most expensive products ?  YES he can!

The RAM 285 is the result. Its a big, heavy, high voltage (685v B+), high current design with oversize transformers. The power transformer is 350VA and the output transformers are 15% oversize for full power while exceeding audio bandwidth. Bob combined this high voltage and high current capacity with his latest, fastest, vacuum tube DC Restorer, for an exceptionally powerful and engaging musical presentation we would be thrilled for you to hear and compare to others in its class, at any price.

The RAM 285 runs cool enough to prevent burns, excessive room heating or energy waste. Even the tubes are included in the 5 year warranty. 

Enjoy a Carver Amplifier Challenge in your home with your speakers. If you are not in love with our product, we will refund your full purchase price with no restocking fees. Compare our performance to others. Hear the performance your speakers are truly capable of. 

With the Carver Amplifier Challenge, the customer always wins! Made in USA $4995


25 watts per channel Stereo Reference
Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier

The Black Magic 25 is specifically designed to power the demanding, dynamic, reactive loads of reproducing music through loudspeakers. 

Bob's design criteria for the Black Magic amplifier models is straight forward.

Design and build a lighter weight, Made in USA amplifier, that will compete quite favorably with heavier, higher cost products in the marketplace, when driving loudspeaker loads to their most musical performance possible. Achieve these goals at a price within reach of more music enthusiast.

These goals were achieved through Bobs high voltage 685 volt power supply (most are 400-500v) and a unique DC Restorer circuit that prevents the DC voltage from sagging under the dynamic, reactive, variable impedance loudspeaker loads encountered when reproducing music. The DC Restorer is a type of tracking bias supply that contributes to the effortless musical nature of all Bob Carver tube amp designs.


 Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with our money back, no restocking fee, Carver Amplifier Challenge trial offer in your home. Your Black Magic 25 has No depreciation trade-up value toward other considerably more costly Bob Carver products.  Factory direct. Made in USA. $1995


Bob's favorite vacuum tube, the KT120s are back in stock and the 275 is back in black! The Black Magic 275 is similar to the customer acclaimed and sought after Crimson 275 with the addition of a few manufacturing changes and updates.

Weighing only 19 lbs., the Black Magic 275 is specifically designed for driving the dynamic, reactive, variable impedance loads of reproducing music when driving loudspeakers.

The powerful, musical and accurate performance comparing favorably to heavier, most costly products is made possible by use of a higher voltage power supply and the DC Restorer circuit preventing voltage sag under dynamic loads.

Try a Black Magic 275 in your home with our Carver Amplifier Challenge.. Try it for 30 days after it arrives. Compared it to other more costly products in your system head to head. If you do not love our products musical performance, just return it for a full refund with No restocking fees. Your Black Magic 275 has No-Depreciation trade-up value toward more costly Bob Carver products over it's warranty period. The customer always wins. Made in USA. $2295


The Black Magic 350 mono-block amplifiers follow a progression of highly praised, high powered designs, known world wide for their sonic excellence when powering the dynamic, reactive loads of music and loudspeakers. From the Cherry 180s to the 305s and the 350s, Bob has redefined the level of musicality possible with these high power, high voltage designs. Try our Black Magic 350s compared to others in your home with the Carver Amplifier Challenge. The winner is always you. Made in USA. Factory direct $9500 for a pair.  Now on Hi-Fi Season Sale - $1,500. FOR A LIMITED TIME, NOW $7999.

Coming Soon !

Vacuum Tube Reference Preamplifier

Coming Soon !

Reference Preamplifier Model RPM V12.

It's been quite a while since Bob designed a preamplifier -- and a full function line stage, phono and headphone tube model is unprecedented!

For years Bob has nursed a concept for pure, straight wire preamp that would do justice to his power amplifiers.

All we can show you right now are renderings but be assured the real thing is in production!

The Carver Amplifier Challenge 2023.

All Bob Carver products include our 100% money back, NO restocking fee warranty.

Compare our products in your home, in your system, powering your loudspeakers for 30 days after it arrives.


Compare Bob's design to other products costing multiple times our factory direct to customer pricing.

We guarantee you will love our products' performance and the powerful, musical and accurate nature they will bring to your listening pleasure.


Use the Carver Amplifier Challenge to compare our products directly to others, in your home.


Today, the showroom is your home.


Choose the best. Bob loves a challenge. You, the customer, is always the winner.

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