There is simply no amplifier that approaches the
Silver Seven 900 in power, majesty and finesse.

Those who hear it understand why.  And a lucky few each year, have a pair custom-built for them and enrich their speaker system with what we’d like to think is almost a kilowatt of sheer sonic perfection. Read on to learn more.

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The Cost-Is-No-Object Approach to Amplifier Design.

When Bob Carver created the Phase Linear® 700 back in 1971, he proved that generous power could make a sonic difference. Such a huge jump past typical 20 to 60-watt amplifiers turned the audio industry on its ear.

The success of Carver Corporation, his next company, allowed him the resources to take a run at creating the world’s finest, most innovative audio amplifier. As one major magazine put it, “Carver decided to produce his own cost-no-object 'statement', returning to what he has described as his true love: tubes.  (He realized) that he needed to produce an absolute mother of a tube amplifier which would offer the sound of the classics, the true greats, while being able to emulate the virtues of modern amplifiers in every respect.

It’s only gotten better.

Not surprisingly, the original Carver® Silver Seven™ was named One of the Ten Most Significant Amplifiers of All Time by The Absolute Sound magazine. 


Now imagine how many improvements and enhancements Bob’s inventive mind can add to this design in the intervening 30 years…including upping the power output to almost a kilowatt!


Meet the 2018 Silver Seven 900.  The only thing more massive than the amplifier itself is the expansive soundstage it will create in your listening room and the rigorous control it can impose on even the most difficult, low impedance loudspeakers. The advantage of 900 watts RMS of power per channel isn’t shock volume.  It’s stunning dynamic range and lightning-fast percussion transients — a sense of authority that just can’t be achieved with less power.





Glorious excess?  No. Power in numbers.

With its tube complement of 20 mighty Tung-Sol KT120 power tetrodes (18 as output tubes, two used as screen regulators) per channel, the Silver Seven 900 is without peer.

The KT120 is a high-power tetrode vacuum tube originally developed in the mid-1950s by Tung-Sol of Newark, New Jersey. An up-rated and industrial version of the 6L6GA with a 23.5 watt plate dissipation, the KT120 opened the doors to the hi-fi movement of the 1950s. This rugged tube also found a home in the '59 Fender Bassman and servo amplifiers used in B-52 bombers.

Twenty of these may seem like overkill, but it is the sheer quantity that contributes to the effortlessness of the Silver Seven. Each tube can “loaf” along in its optimal sweet spot without risking being over-driven to distortion.

Bob discusses the newest Silver Seven design:


“I started the design by changing the color from black to a beautiful, deep burgundy red, with black and chrome highlights.  Um, let’s just say ‘in order to protect the innocent’.“

 “I believe the Silver Seven 900 is the lowest noise power amp ever, with an A-weighted signal to noise ratio of 120 dB! Power output is hard to believe, and the sound is even more difficult to comprehend.”

"For the front end, I've used a powerful, low-distortion 12GN7, and have updated the topology to express of my latest thinking regarding power amplifier design. That includes a return to a pure pentode output stage, allowing substantially more output drive current than possible with conventional linear output stages.


"Rather, this amp has a DC filament supply, unheard of in power amps, but a necessary feature when using high-bandwidth pentodes in the front-end."


Mouse over a red dot to explore Silver Seven 900 features

Capacious energy reserves overwhelm a perennial amplifier design problem.

(Bob continues…) “I increased energy storage increased substantially by the addition of HUGE capacitors. In the old days, huge amounts of energy storage were not practical. But today the technology associated with capacitor energy storage allows an increase of approximately ten-fold in energy storage to 2400 joules.

This, combined with the additional DC restorer circuit eliminates every last vestige of ‘DC bounce’ on musical transients. DC bounce and low-frequency instability have always been the necessary result of real world compromises made by all amplifier designers.

Not any more, thanks to the DC restorer (see below), HUGE capacitors, and my new output transformer, the prototype of which I wound my very own self.

Bob’s exclusive DC Restorer circuit.

“The 2018 iteration of the Silver Seven 900 has every possible deluxe circuit embodiment known to man, woman, or minor wizards.  One of the most unique is the DC restorer, which allows simultaneous low distortion and low idle power, allowing extreme longevity for the output tubes.

The final distortion level in this amplifier is so low that I am embarrassed to write it down here, (okay…it's 0.50%) and the output tubes should last 40+ years, unless they have a catastrophic failure or won't bias up. Not only that, the DC Restorer works to maintain the exact, correct value of the DC component on each output tube grid through the entire audio signal swing, allowing perfect performance up to and even beyond clipping."

Join the privileged few who own the best.

Regardless of pedigree, any amplifier is only as good as its build quality, and the Silver Seven 700 represents the peak of that realization.


In addition to designing the layout and construction methods, each amplifier is individually handmade, one at a time. The workmanship of the Silver Seven 900, like its sonic qualities, is meticulous, detailed, and flawless. You will be stunned even before you turn them on. 

Then turn them on and make sure you’re sitting down.