No other amp designer takes advantage of the fact that a loudspeaker is a two-way transducer:  it’s a microphone that receives sound as well as a transducer to creates sound! A special current feedback loop allows the Crimson and Raven to take advantage of this…they literally “listen to the room” and react accordingly. Each room and speaker system play their own tune, so to speak, as defined by physical factors such as size and shape of the listening area.By taking advantage of the speaker-microphone effect, Crimson/Raven allows a portion of the room acoustic to be expressed back through your main

It plays along with where you’re playing it.

speakers and into the special current feedback loop in the Crimson and Raven. Thus the room becomes an integral part of the music more fully than any other amplifier can achieve (all amps do this in miniscule amounts, but solid-state amps’ low output impedance effectively short out speakers’ ability to fully realized speaker-microphone effect benefits).

This is a vastly better solution than fussing around with acoustic treatments or futilely attempt to “equalize” the system.