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The New Bob Carver Company

Bob is Back! Again!

During the COVID pandemic years, Bob Carver products were being produced in the USA by a licensed builder as Bob had plans to actually retire.


Unfortunately, supply chain issues, population lock-downs and illness slowed their production to the point of closing the doors late in 2021.

Unwilling to see his legacy end on a sour note, Bob came out of retirement once again in Feb 2022, and starting setting up an entirely new company armed with his greatest designs to date. 


Using a modern business model of selling factory / internet direct to the customer, more of the customers investment goes into the actual product today than was possible ever before.

Bob Carver LLC.. is owned entirely by Bob and his family. Bob brought Jim Clark on board. Jim is the founder and former owner of a highly certified aerospace manufacturing company and owner of Jim Clark Stereo before going to work for Bob Carver. Jim is Director of Operations and reports exclusively to Bob Carver. 

Bob Carver is Owner, Physicist and Chief Design Engineer of Electronics and Styling. Bob is involved throughout the process from design concepts to implementation of his circuit designs. Bobs signature is required at each stage of development.

Bob loves amplifiers and aircraft. His latest products reflect his lifelong passion for sound quality and value by design.

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