Amazing Line Source Loudspeaker System



  • True line source design 

  • 32 drivers per column

  • Extruded aluminum alloy structure

  •  Crossover Control Module

    • Bass Damping, Upper Midrange and High Frequency controls

    • Additional “accent” speaker output

  • 2 x 10" 2700W subwoofer included

Amazing Line Source Specifications


ALS Column Frequency Response: 
80Hz to beyond-audibility (45kHz) @-3dB

Column Frequency Response with included SubRosa active subwoofer: 
18Hz-120kHz (-3dB) with active variable crossover control to mate with columns.

120 dB @ 300 watts

90dB @ 2.83 Vrms

4 ohms (but designed to be connected to the 8-ohm tap on vacuum tube amplifiers)

Rated Power: 
1,000 watts

Minimum Power: 
60 watts, tube, (120 watts, solid-state)

Forward firing ribbon drivers:

Lateral firing, high excursion drivers:

Spatial ribbon drivers:

89” (2260.6 mm)

Minimum ceiling height of 93" (2362.2 mm) required for setup and assembly

Extruded Aluminum

Extrusion Profile:
4.625” x 6.875” (117.5 mm x 174.6 mm)

108 lbs (49 kgs) per column, base attached

Anthracite Gloss Black​

Column footprint, base attached: 
18" x 18" (457 mm x 457mm)

Country of Origin:
United States of America

10 years

Amazing Line Source speakers are paired with a remarkable subwoofer  — a rare combination of massive power paired with extraordinary reserve. The XTEQ12 makes beautiful music with a 12" High Back-emf woofer and 12" side-firing passive radiator. 

Its 3000 watts of pure, musical bass is more than any other in-room subwoofer in its class.


Your Amazing Line Source pair is supplied with one Sunfire® XTEQ12 subwoofer.

Though one of these subwoofers can effortlessly pressurize a 3,000 square foot room and provide even bass coverage throughout, a second XTEQ12 subwoofermay be added if desired for stereo subwoofer reproduction. 


Sunfire XTEQ12 
Subwoofer Specifications


12" active Neodymium, high-excursion Woofer + 12" side-firing Passive Radiator

Output Power:
16-100 Hz

Frequency Response:
3000 watt Tracking Downcoverter

Power Consumption (120VAC, 50-60Hz)

900W typical

Cabinet Dimensions (W x H x D)

14" x 13.5" x 13"

Cabinet Net Weight

59 lbs

XTEQ12 Amplifier Features

  • Power Output: 3000 Wrms

  • Tracking Downconverter™ Power Supply

  • Soft Clipping Circuitry

  • Auto Turn-On

  • Level Control

  • Crossover Adjustment: 30-100Hz infinitely variable

  • Crossover Bypass

  • Phase Adjustment 0-180° infinitely variable

  • Gold Plated RCA Input Connections

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Specifications subject to change.