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Reference Amplifier Model 285 (RAM 285)
RAM_285 logo
Reference Amplifier Model 285 (RAM 285)

   Reference Amplifier Model  RAM 285

From the heart and soul of Bob Carver. A legacy design to define State of the Art in audiophile tube amplifiers.
"The RAM 285 is the culmination of my decades of research in the field of designing amplifiers to sound their very best." "I really can't imagine anyone designing an amplifier that sounds better."
                                                                                              -       Bob Carver-

The RAM 285 is a simultaneously high voltage and high current design. The RAM will drive power hungry speaker like Magnepan to a glorious performance. In fact we use Magnepan speakers for the listening test of every RAM285 before leaving Bob Carver Company. For those who enjoy tube amps with highly efficient speakers, the RAM 285 is also great for you if background noise is an issue. Customers are reporting background noise levels lower than high quality solid state amplifiers. Our team of aerospace manufacturing engineers have leveraged state of the art technology in CAD and computer simulation to guard against the effects of EMI, high voltage creep and other causes of noise in lessor designs. The RAM 285 uses the latest space age materials to effectively solve the tube amplifier compomises of the past. The results are SNR of greater than 100, on par with solid state. Customer feedback about background noise reduction has been wonderful. The RAM 285 is Bob Carver design genius combined with the latest in aerospace manufacturing engineering and materials, delivering the best audiophile sonics of vacuum tubes, without the vintage compromises. Your Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed .

Black Magic 25 Logo
Bob Carver picture
Black Magic 25 Vacuum Tube Amplifier

25 watts per channel Stereo Reference
Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier

      High Voltage - High Headroom - High Performance - High Value. Made in the USA


The Black Magic 25 provides the rich, dynamic and captivating performance that Bob Carver tube amplifiers are know for, worldwide. The Black Magic 25 uses the very popular EL34 vacuum tubes. With so many available versions of this tube, they are a tube rollers dream of choices. The choices for tubes doesn't stop at the EL34. The Black Magic 25 can also use the 6550, KT88 and KT120 tubes for even more headroom and variety.


Using the Bob Carver 685v dynamic power supply, capable of 3x the amplifiers power rating, the Black Magic 25 has headroom to more than double it's power output on demand. The Black Magic is made in the USA, includes our 30 day money back trial offer and no-depreciation, retail price, trade-up value.

The Black Magic 25 is your Made in USA audiophile quality, high value alternative to imported brands of tube amplifiers who's actual manufacturer can be difficult to contact for questions, parts or service. 

Discrete thru-hole construction

Low temperature - no burn risk

Long tube life for decades of listening before degradation begins. 

Fully Analog

No IC chips to become obsolete

Designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Buying Carver Direct saves $. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Made in USA $1995

Black Magic 275 Vacuum Tube Amplifier
BM_275 Logo

 The Black Magic 275 is similar to the customer acclaimed Crimson 275 with the addition of a few manufacturing changes and updates.

Weighing only 19 lbs., the Black Magic 275 is specifically designed for driving the dynamic, reactive, variable impedance loads of reproducing music and driving loudspeakers.

Discrete thru-hole construction

Fully Analog

No IC chips to become obsolete

Designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Buying Carver Direct saves. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Made in USA. $2295

Carver 350 amplifier
Carver 350 Logo

Please note - Due to continued labor shortages and cost increases, combined with the intensive 40 hours of build time associated with point to point wiring of the Black Magic 350s, this excellent product will be discontinued. Less than 10 pairs remain available. Huge savings act now! $6950


The Black Magic 350 mono-block amplifiers follow a progression of highly praised, high powered designs, known world wide for their sonic excellence when powering the dynamic, reactive loads of music and loudspeakers. From the Cherry 180s to the 305s and now the 350s.

Skillfully hand soldered point to point wiring

Fully Analog

No IC chips to become obsolete

Designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Ten year warranty.

Buying Carver Direct saves $. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

 Made in USA. Factory direct $9500 for a pair.  Sale - $2550. FOR A LIMITED TIME, NOW $6950

Bob Carver preamplifier Logo

Vacuum Tube Reference Preamplifier

Bob Carver preamplifier

Reference Preamplifier Model RPM V12.

It's been quite a while since Bob designed a preamplifier -- and a full function line stage, phono and headphone tube model is unprecedented!

For years Bob has nursed a concept for pure, straight wire preamp that would do justice to his power amplifiers.

All we can show you right now are renderings but be assured the real thing is in development.

The Carver Amplifier Challenge 2023

All Bob Carver products include our 30 day money back trial offer.

Today, customers are faced with an overwhelming amount of conflicting information about virtually every topic imaginable. Audio topics are certainly no exception. Audio products must be heard making music, much as wine must be tasted or art must be viewed.

Enjoy our product in your home, in your system, powering your loudspeakers for 30 days after it arrives.


Compare Bob's design to other products costing many times our factory direct to customer pricing. Also compare Bob's design to lower cost products, that often focus on best measurements as the primary goal of their marketing departments, above the designers priority of focusing on highest fidelity.

We guarantee you will enjoy and prefer the powerful, musical and accurate performance Bob Carver will deliver for your listening enjoyment. If we are not the best in your system, we will refund your purchase price with No re-stocking fees.


Today, the showroom is in your system at home, making audio shopping more fun then ever.


                                   The Carver Amplifier Challenge. The customer wins, since 1985

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